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What is Meet-Note?

Meet-Note is an online meeting minute program. It standardizes your notes and helps you to reach them even between complicated documentation in an easy and quick way. It also shows all the persons assigned the task in the meeting. You get the notification for all the actions attended to your. What is more, share your meeting notes with all attendees without spending so much time and effort.

Who is Meet-Note ideal for?

  • Companies and Associations. Preparing meeting agendas in advance, enabling the meeting to be efficient and focusing on the result without moving away from the agenda.
  • As freelancers. Share meeting notes with customers instantly, avoiding possible disagreements.
  • Anyone who uses the Meet-Note application. They can follow the actions taken at the meeting and assign them as a task. They can follow tasks in one screen.
  • Allows decisions to be shared securely with all participant or Internet encrypted data transfer method.
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What can you do with Meet-Note?


Keep all your meeting notes in the same standard. Use the meeting minutes format, which is best for your business with advanced and scientific methods.


Save the agenda before the meeting. Easily rearrange them, share their agendas and get comments. Make your agenda in advance with your boss.


Add action quickly during the meeting. Edit. Manage post-meeting actions. Easily track all actions from a single panel.


Save your meeting notes as PDF. Keep them offline or share them by mail. Use an electronic signature.


Send reminders for responsible actions to complete the actions.


Save the materials used in the meeting, along with your meeting notes.


Ensure that participants are notified of the correct decisions and actions taken, and send them the draft of the meeting round to reconcile.


Keep the minutes of the meeting in the latest technology encryption directions. Never lose your notes with archiving and backup options.


For everyone

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For professionals

4 $ / monthly
*All of the features of free membership
Share via email
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Task Notifications


For Organizations and Communities

24 $ / monthly
*All of the features of Gold membership
Meeting Type Selection
Meeting Room Management
Team Management
Outlook Integration
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